Vostro is an Italian word meaning ‘for you.’ Vostro is designed specifically for the youth of today: bold, strong and unfaltering. The designs exude comfort that is cool, carefree and confident. Vostro knows no boundaries and provides agility and ease for all. The V signifies the essence of life and what Vostro represents: vitality. The oval shape surrounding life is the universe, signifying the global reach and relevance of Vostro. It is a design that knows no boundaries and has a universal appeal.


Vostro’s mission is to provide the youth of today with bold, comfortable, and affordable products. Our belief at Vostrolife we only use the best materials: grained leathers, high peel synthetics, virgin rubber and knitted textile to create distinctive products. Our designers continually innovate according to the latest trends while adhering to the strictest standards of quality. We understand the importance of the right shoe in enhancing your performance, whether you’re constantly on your toes or a professional athlete. Vostro is designed for you; the shoe for everyone.